Patio Covers – Solid

Solid Patio Covers offer full protection from the sun, wind and rain. Aluminum Solid Patio covers are light weight and in most cases do not require footings and therefore can be attached directly to your existing cement slab. There are two main styles; Insulated and Non-Insulated.
Insulated Patio Covers: are available in Cedar embossed (to match the other components used in Aluminum Patio Covers) or Stucco Embossed ( which is often referred to as Orange or Avocado peel texture).

The Insulated roof is offered in 3”, 4” & 6” thicknesses, with the 3” being the most popular. Insulated covers are only available in White and Sandalwood.  However, the posts, beams and decorative wrap kit may be any of the 8 colors available. Some of the benefits of the Insulated roof is it is quieter, cooler in heat, looks better from 2nd story windows and is weight bearing.  Yes, you can walk on the Insulated covers for maintenance purposes or for an Emergency Exit. However, it cannot be used as a deck. If there is going to be a ladder used on top of the cover it is advised that you use a 4’ x 4’ or larger piece of plywood down first to disperse the weight.  There is even an Integrated gutter system, complete with downspouts.  Insulated Patio cover roofs are ideal for creating an outdoor living area (protecting your furniture and cushions, TV and other electronics) and is the preferred roof for Patio Enclosures.  Ocean Pacific Patios takes pride in the quality of our installations. Firstly, we carry the Western Panels Inc Insulated roof panels which use a patented Dual Traxx interior gutter lock.  This feature channels any water from a leaking seal out to the external gutter. To further reduce the chance of a leak in the roof, we use a double sealant technique.  Once the patio cover is built we seal all the seams on top with caulking, then cover them with a special Peel and Seal roofing tape. This not only gives two layers of protection, it also protects the caulking from drying and cracking.
Non-Insulated Patio Covers: There are two main types of Non-Insulated Patio Covers.  The W-Pan and the Flat Pan.
The W-Pan is ideal for commercial applications, mobile homes and carports.  It has a smooth finish and may be combined with scroll columns or with any of the Cedar embossed components.
The Flat Pan Non-Insulated roof is a more decorative version.  It has the Cedar Embossed finish and has a more “Flat” appearance from the bottom.  It is not weight bearing! And therefore should not be used in 2nd story applications.  The flat pan comes in 6 different colors.  Both versions come with a gutter and downspouts as well. Due to the nature of the locking mechanism on these two styles, the only caulking needed is along the attachment point.

There are several options to consider when designing a Solid Patio Cover.  Click on titles below for more information.


Solid Patio Covers may attach to the House Wall, Fascia/Eave or in some cases to the top of the house roof.  Wall attachments are the most common, however, in some cases where there is a low hanging roof eave/fascia, you may prefer to attach to the fascia board (Fascia/Eave Mount).  This is further complicated if there is a gutter attached to the fascia board.  In those cases, to increase the overall height of the patio cover, we can attach a ledger to the top of the roof (Roof Mount) and then attach the rafters to the ledger.  Roof mount should only be done on Composite Shingled roof or Wood Shake Roofs.  In some rare cases, an attachment may be made to tile roofs.

Rafter Tails/Wrap Kit:

Standard Installation of a Solid Cover includes a flat Side Fascia and Gutter. This is a clean look.  A Wrap Kit with Rafter Tails may be added to give the impression that the rafters run all the way through the cover. This gives a much more decorative look and some say it “softens” the look of the cover.

Single or Double Beam:

This is primarily a design preference.  However, the Double Beam design does offer some additional strength and can reduce the number of posts needed.  Again there is a 3” gap between the two beams. The beam options are typically a single 3” x 8”, a double 3” x 8”, a double 2” x 6.5” and for extremely low hanging patios a 3” x 3” with steel insert is available.  Steel inserts are also available for the 3” x 8” beams, which also may reduce the number of posts needed.


Our Standard “H” posts are comprised of a 3” x3” post with a 2” x 6.5” foam filled side plate on two sides of the post.  Typically, it would be the side facing the house and the side facing away from the house.  For a more Decorative look you can choose one of the Roman Columns. Roman columns come Smooth or Textured, Tapered or not, Round or Square in several widths/diameters and heights. Most need to be painted.


Many homeowners add style and functionality to their patio covers by adding Lights, Fans, outlets and switches.  A huge benefit of Aluminum Patio Covers is that many of the components are hollow, allowing us to run the necessary electrical wires through with out the use of exposed EMT conduit.  In fact, there is a special Fan Chase used when a ceiling fan is being mounted.  This acts as the conduit while adding security and eliminating fan wobble. We offer some lighting options but suggest that the homeowner furnishes the fixtures.  This way you can find the right look for your style.
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